Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Making the Decision

People from all walks of life may have substance abuse issues. They also may have large amounts of time, effort, and dedication invested in their lives, educations, and careers. They built a life around these endeavors and many have accomplished much for themselves, for their families, and for those who’ve benefitted from their efforts. These deeds may exact a toll, and the stress and strain of achieving these accomplishments can add up and lead to substance abuse, all at a pace seemingly unnoticed by those around them, as well as the victims themselves.

Maybe you’ve realized you’ve become addicted to that seemingly benign “little something” you casually started to use. After long thought and maybe even a try or two, you’ve realized that you don’t have the mental or physical reserves that quitting on your own requires. You realize that you need a partner. A partner that offers the programs, doctors, staff and facilities that give you the best opportunity for full recovery, yet in a way that doesn’t compromise all that you’ve worked for and accomplished in your life.

The decision to enter rehab can be the most pivotal moment in your life and your career. As a fork in the road, this decision can lead you back to a life free from addiction or it may become just another failed attempt to regain what you had prior to your addiction. You must choose carefully, at a time when addiction can overwhelm and cloud every aspect of your thoughts and judgement. Your very decision to enter a rehabilitation program is the correct first step, but now the all-important decision must be made; your choice of a detox partner.

If You’ve Made the Decision to Enter Rehab, Choose the Partner that Fits Your Needs

For you, the right partner is the one that recognizes that you not only require detox, but in a manner that minimally impacts the life that you worked hard to gain. DetoxRehab respects your needs when they join with you in moving your life forward in the direction you need to go.

Our outpatient model allows you to stay at work, with flexibility to work with every schedule. With anonymity a part of the program, you can seek help while maintaining your good standing in the community.

The founders of DetoxRehab had in mind individuals just like you when they formulated their rehab philosophy and instituted it in the program we offer today.

Our Leadership

The medical guidance and direction of any detox program are of critical importance for those undergoing treatment. Addiction Medicine physician Phillip Milgram, M.D., with an emphasis in Alcohol and Drug Counseling and Advanced Intervention, serves as our program’s Medical Director. With his long time emphasis on treatment of drug and alcohol abuse patients, he is uniquely qualified for his role as Medical Director.

Our Mission

DetoxRehab was founded on the principle that all persons who have made the decision to enter rehab and detox have available to them a program that addresses all aspects of their issues in a way that respects all they’ve worked hard to achieve. We offer a complete and thorough treatment for all forms of detox and rehab, whether the problem stems from ongoing drug or alcohol use related to job stress, or is rooted in personal trauma. If you’ve made the decision to enter rehab, or need help to make the decision, call the caring staff at DetoxRehab.

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