San Diego Trauma-Informed Addiction Treatment

San Diego Trauma-Informed Addiction Treatment

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office on Women’s Health, 55% – 99% of women in substance use treatment have a history of trauma. Trauma comes in many forms: sexual, emotional, and/or physical abuse. It impacts every aspect of a human’s ability to function – not just physical or mental behaviors, but also social and spiritual behaviors. It can cause low self-esteem, feelings of shame, bodily pain, anxiety, and physical illness as the result of that anxiety. In an attempt to numb these emotional and physical feelings, an individual may turn to drugs or alcohol. It is not uncommon for these outlets to become addictions.

Effects of Trauma

Over the last few years, the effects of trauma have come to the forefront of research and treatment facilities. However, it’s still common for trauma to be ignored during the course of alcohol or drug treatment. Often this is because the drug or alcohol use masks the true reason the person is turning to these outlets. It can be easy to see the drug or alcohol addiction, while sometimes impossible to know a patient’s trauma history. We cannot fully treat a patient if we do not treat the underlying reasons for why they have turned to drug or alcohol abuse. Trauma is often that underlying reason. Therefore, treatment of the trauma is absolutely necessary for a patient to be able to transition to a safe way of life.

Trauma-Informed Approach

A trauma-informed approach realizes trauma’s effects and responds by integrating knowledge about that trauma into its method of treatment practices while also seeking to resist re-traumatization.

As with all of our methods of treatment at DetoxRehab, we recognize that each patient comes to us with a different experience. Because of those differing histories, we tailor our treatment of each patient to that patient. We recognize that men and women respond differently to trauma, but also that no two women, just as no two men, will also respond differently. Every person is different. Therefore our approach to treatment must be.

DetoxRehab staff has a strong understanding of trauma and client coping behaviors. We are trained to recognize and treat trauma survivors while working to create an environment based on the following:

Safety – We ensure a physically and emotionally safe environment for each individual client.
Trustworthiness – We seek to establish trust and trustworthiness through making client responsibilities clear and maintaining professional and appropriate boundaries.
Choice – We emphasize and encourage our patients to make their own choices.

Collaboration – We focus on creating a collaborative approach with our clients in regards to their treatment.

Empowerment – We stress the empowerment of our clients.

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