San Diego Heroin Rehab

San Diego Heroin Rehab

According to results from the 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, in 2013 there were 681,000 heroin users in the United States. Also in that year, there were 169,000 persons aged 12 or older who used heroin for the first time within the past year. Heroin use causes damage to not only the user, but can be equally devastating to family and friends who indirectly experience the effects of heroin.

Where Heroin Comes From

Heroin is an opiate derived from morphine, which is derived from the opium poppy. It is processed in various ways, and as a result can have various colors, ranging from white to brown in its powder form to a black-tar-like substance. While users can snort or smoke the drug, it is most commonly injected due to the fact this offers the quickest and most intense way of getting the drug into the body.

Once the body absorbs it, heroin is converted into morphine that connects to the opioid receptors of the user’s central nervous system. These receptors manage a user’s perception of pain and pleasure, blood pressure, sexual arousal, and breathing. The “high” that heroin users experience depends on the method in which the drug was administered. A “rush” of relaxation and euphoria is felt by the user that is usually followed by dry mouth, flushed skin, a feeling of “heavy” arms and legs, and poor mental functioning that lasts for about one to two minutes. After that, users experience a drowsy and satisfied state that can last from four to five hours. This drug is extremely addictive and even just a few uses can cause a person to become a heroin addict.

Herion Addiction Treatment in San Diego

Treatment for heroin addiction is different for each person, but the goal our team has for every patient that enters our DetoxRehab facility is to find freedom from their addiction. Our team combines the experience of running recovery programs for over 20,000 individuals struggling with addiction with direction from an addiction medicine physician and insights from a former addict for an intensive recovery program with long-term support. We are committed to treating each patient’s addiction to heroin.

Heroin Withdrawal

Heroin withdrawal symptoms can be excruciating and nearly impossible to overcome on your own. It’s not uncommon for those attempting to quit using heroin to quickly return to its use in order to stop the pain brought on by withdrawal symptoms such as exhaustion, nausea and vomiting, muscle cramps, and aspiration (breathing stomach contents into the lungs).

Withdrawal can start within 8 hours of stopping heroin use and can last anywhere from a week to ten days, depending on how long the abuse has occurred. It’s important that those seeking to end their addiction seek treatment at a detox facility like DetoxRehab. At DetoxRehab you will be under the supervision of qualified medical professionals that have been trained in the treatment of heroin abuse and addiction.

Heroin Detox in San Diego

During detox heroin users can become hyper-aware and fearful of symptoms. Distraction, such as going for a walk, spending time with a support team, reading a book, or watching TV, during this time can help to turn a patient’s focus away from the symptoms he or she is experiencing.

There is also a pharmacological approach that can be taken during the detox process to help with withdrawal symptoms. Our staff will be able to provide medications that are commonly used to prevent the symptoms of heroin withdrawal, including: Methadone, Buprenorphine and Naltrexone.

Once the physical withdrawal symptoms are brought under control with the help of these medications and the help of our staff, a patient can begin to focus on the second step of their treatment: behavioral therapy.

High Risk of Relapse

A heroin addiction is more than just a physical dependence. Even following the detox period, addicts are still at a high risk for relapsing. Our flexible and anonymous out-patient therapy and counseling programs provide the support and help patients need while transitioning to a sober lifestyle. Off-peak counseling services mean we offer both early morning and late evening counseling sessions to help support your recovery process whenever you are most in need. DetoxRehab recognizes that staying engaged in your treatment is your best chance for continued recovery. Your first step towards living a heroin free life is to contact DetoxRehab.

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