San Diego First Responders Rehab

San Diego First Responders Rehab

Common Thoughts for First Responders

“I don’t want to lose my job.”
“Will I still be seen as a trusted advisor?”
“I cannot be seen as incapable of handling my job.”
An estimated 15 to 20% of first responders and licensed professionals have substance use problems significant enough to compromise their ability to perform their jobs safely. Based on national data, more than 6,000 licensed medical professionals in San Diego are likely addicted to some form of substance.

Unmet Need

We’ve recognized there is a huge unmet need for substance use-related services for first responders and licensed professionals. Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, first responder, police officer, border patrol agent, or professional, we provide out-patient treatment programs that work.

Patients have many concerns: the fear that addiction will impact their relationships or work, and concerns that seeking treatment could put their career in jeopardy. Our programs are designed for individuals with stressful careers that are seeking help for an addiction.

For these individuals confidentially and anonymity are essential for maintaining a good standing in the community and in their careers. Our confidential program was designed to take these concerns head on. It’s also important that you maintain your normal work routine.

Our accessible outpatient programs are geared to help professionals maintain their regular work schedules, while offering flexibility to work with every schedule. That might mean scheduling groups for border patrol agents to coordinate with graveyard shift hours, or having doctors come in right before work in the morning. We will work with you to make sure you get the support you need so you can still do the job you love to do.

Our Team

When dealing with an addiction from substance abuse to gambling, it’s almost impossible to overcome alone. The support of family and friends is crucial, but you also need the help of experienced professionals. We are here to help. We recognize the challenges faced by professionals seeking help, and we want to change that. Combined, our staff has helped over 20,000 individuals through the recovery process that comes with addiction. Our team includes an addiction medicine physician and insights from a former addict. The result is an intensive recovery program with long-term support.

The Program

First Responders rehab is a six-week core program that includes off-peak counseling sessions in both the early morning and late evening. It is structured this way to emphasize client privacy and the opportunity to continue working while in the program. After completing the core program, patients receive follow-up services for up to five years. Remaining engaged in a program provides recovering individuals with support and the best possible chance for continued and successful recovery.

We also acknowledge that each profession that falls under the “first responder’ umbrella brings somewhat different concerns and needs to treatment. We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach and tailor our programs accordingly.

It’s important that patients feel comfortable. Because of that, you’ll be working alongside those who have walked in your shoes professionally. Our team also includes former police officers and other ex-professionals to aid in the recovery process. We will not mix doctors with police officers, or firefighters with lawyers. That means you will be able to connect with other professionals that have been where you have been and will be able to support you accordingly.

Free Consultation for First Responders

Often those who are most in need of treatment are those that do not have confidential and flexible options. For those first responders the only solution is to provide an anonymous, flexible, and long-term out-patient program that will allow them to remain in their positions and in their communities while seeking the help they know they need.

Treatment Programs