San Diego Alcohol Rehab

San Diego Alcohol Rehab

Despite a nationwide crackdown on illegal substance usage, alcohol still remains the number-one drug problem facing adults in the United States. Almost 17 million U.S. adults have an addiction to alcohol or other alcohol-related problems. And every year roughly 88,000 people die from preventable alcohol-related causes.

Alcohol is a Disease

Alcohol is a disease. Its effects are far-reaching, including: medical, psychiatric, economic, legal, and family problems. Individuals that have this disease are often able to conceal the addiction by minimizing, hiding, or denying the amount of alcohol they consume. Gradually the body builds up a tolerance that forces an addict to need to consume more in order to get the same feeling they did when they started drinking. If left untreated, this disease can lead to severe medical conditions such as cirrhosis, neuropathy, confusion, seizures, and death.

Family and Friends Support is Crucial

When dealing with alcohol addiction, it’s almost impossible to overcome alone. The support of family and friends is crucial, but you also need the help of experience professionals. DetoxRehab is here to help. Combined, our staff has helped over 20,000 individuals through the alcohol addiction recovery process. Our team includes an addiction medicine physician and insights from a former addict. The result is an intensive recovery program with long-term support.Every patient that comes to us has their own history and story. Because of this we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach and tailor our programs according to a patient’s specific needs.

Alcohol Detox

The first step in alcohol addiction rehab is detox. Detoxification is an abrupt ending to alcohol intake and is necessary in order for the patient to cleanse his or her body of all traces of alcohol. It’s advised that an individual seeking treatment for alcohol addiction first enter a detox facility where their withdrawal symptoms can be closely monitored by trained medical professionals. There are typically four stages of alcohol withdrawal: tremulousness (the shakes), seizures, hallucinations, and delirium tremens (DTs). While not every addict experiences all of these, they are all possibilities. During this time a patient may require other medical attention including vitamin supplements and other medications to reduce cravings while also treating the withdrawal symptoms. Home therapy without medical supervision can be life-threatening as most individuals are not trained to deal with the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol detox. The staff at DetoxRehab is well versed in treating patients as they move through the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol addiction.

Behavioral Therapy Program

After completing the detox process, which can last from a week to ten days, it’s advised that a patient enter a behavioral therapy program. During this time a patient receives counseling that addresses the reasons behind the patient’s addiction. Rehab therapy is meant to help a patient confront the psychological reason behind their addiction. It’s not unnatural for a patient to experience fatigue, depression, mood swings, and anxiety during the counseling process. The team at DetoxRehab has the experience to support and help any patient during what can be a very difficult time.

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Treatment

For patients who are further along in their treatment and able to work as an out-patient that does not need close monitoring, DetoxRehab’salcohol rehab program includes off-peak counseling sessions in both the early morning and late evening. It is structured this way to emphasize client privacy and the opportunity to continue working while in recovery. Remaining engaged in a program provides individuals with support and the best possible chance for continued and successful recovery. Because of this, we offer our follow-up services for up to five years after you complete the detox portion of your treatment.

Free Consultation for a San Diego Drug Rehab Program

Combining an effective detox program with an equally effective rehabilitation program is necessary to handling a patient’s alcohol addiction and disease. Our DetoxRehab facility is able to offer optimum support and safety while offering a program that has proven effective for many other individuals. Your first step towards living an alcohol free life is to contact DetoxRehab.

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