San Diego Alcohol and Drug Detox

San Diego Alcohol and Drug Detox

San Diego Alcohol and Drug Detox Programs

The programs we refer you to offer medically monitored confidential drug and alcohol detox programs designed for individuals with careers that may be adversely affected or even ended by an addiction. We specialize in treatment programs for those with “first responder” careers such as nurses, doctors, and firefighters. Because we recognize that it is essential for these career oriented professionals to maintain good standing in their place of employment and in their communities, our programs are strictly confidential while effectively addressing the unique concerns and requirements of discreet alcohol and drug addiction treatment.

These Alcohol and Drug Detox programs are based on an outpatient model which allows you the flexibility to work on your schedule and maintain important relationships. Our alcohol and drug detox programs are closely supervised by an independent affiliated team of rehab specialists who have extensive backgrounds in all aspects of rehabilitation treatment. Treatment services are provided under the direction of an addiction medicine physician with contributions and insights from our CEO, a former addict who turned his life into a commitment to support others. Our consulting physicians have more than 20 years of experience managing the symptoms of withdrawal using the latest proven approaches.

The Facts behind Alcohol and Drug Addiction

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, each year in the U.S. almost 10 percent of the population over the age of 12 requires treatment for drug or alcohol abuse.

When an individual laboring under any kind of addiction ceasees using drugs and alcohol, their bodies immediately begin to experience withdrawal symptoms. Professionals experiencing such symptoms should seek treatment from a qualified treatment program that fits their specific needs. There they can be under the supervision of medical professionals that have been trained in the treatment of substance abuse and addiction. An outpatient alcohol and detox facility is able to offer optimum safety and effectiveness while providing flexibility needed by active professionals.

Regardless of type of detox, from either alcohol or drugs, these programs will be tailored to your specific situation. We recognize that each patient will have different needs depending on the type of addiction they have experienced. Opiate detoxification can have far different requirements than that of alcohol detoxification. All of our treatment plans address relevant medical or psychological conditions.

Entering Your Confidential Program

A thorough assessment will be made to determine the most effective detox protocols in order to give you the highest chance of success. These assessments are based on your drug or alcohol use, medical history, and your own individual needs.

Withdrawal from alcohol and drug addiction is such a substantial mental and physical challenge that many people leave treatment early or avoid treatment altogether. Our programs work to effectively manage the physical changes that occur in the brain and body after the cessation of drug and alcohol use while providing the highest degree of comfort and support for the patient.

Proven methods and medications can do much to ensure a safe and comfortable detox. Depending on the severity of the withdrawal symptoms, and based on the type of addiction as well as the patient’s medical history, pharmacological assistance may be required. Treatment may utilize a wide range of safe and effective medications to help manage the physical symptoms of withdrawal. Our consulting physicians utilize the best and most effective options to help manage the physical symptoms of withdrawal.

The effectiveness of all detox programs are determined by many factors, including a patient’s motivation for getting sober. To maintain and strengthen this motivation, our treatment plans gently treat and detoxify the body while providing the encouragement and support necessary for our patients to achieve long-term recovery.

Your first step toward this recovery is to contact DetoxRehab and begin a future free and clear of drugs or alcohol.

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