San Diego Adult Rehab

San Diego Adult Rehab

DetoxRehab offers a comprehensive outpatient program that enables working adults to undertake a structured rehabilitation process that offers them a high probability of success. This process involves counseling, medical supervision, continuing support services, and often includes detox. Detox treatments confront the physical component of addiction, and counseling and ongoing support services address the psychological and personal needs of our patients. Our specialized rehab program provides a supportive therapeutic environment where patients can continue to work on their addiction through identifying underlying issues while acquiring valuable life skills like building the support networks necessary to sustain their recovery.

Individual Treatment Programs for Adult Rehab in San Diego

The individualized treatment programs provided at DetoxRehab accommodates all aspects of a patient’s life. Treatment is structured according to an individual’s physical, emotional, family, and social factors. We develop warm yet functional relationships with our clients and accordingly develop personal treatment plans based on their individual goals. Every person’s addiction history involves a different story, requiring a treatment plan tailored to the patient’s unique situation. We recognize that no standard or uniform treatment program works for everybody.

DetoxRehab offers evidence-based treatment, which has been systematically proven to work in studies with real people. This type of treatment provides individualized solutions that best meet the unique needs of our patients. As a proven treatment method, outpatient groups provide recovering individuals a safe place to express their feelings concerning their ongoing rehabilitation.

We focus on developing our patient’s ability to make healthy, positive life choices and encourage them to identify and maximize their own individual strengths. Services include life-skills training and continuing support services to help ensure our patients enjoy a sustained recovery.

It is generally accepted that rehabilitation from substance abuse issues can be almost impossible to achieve alone. Full support of family and friends is important, but the primary resources for assistance, guidance, and discipline should come from experienced professionals.

Medically Managed Detox

For patients in need of medically managed detox treatment, DetoxRehab offers a variety of medically managed detox solutions. All services are facilitated under the direction of qualified medical professionals and are designed to address physical withdrawal symptoms.

Administering our rehabilitation treatment program is an Addiction Medicine physician who works in close conjunction with a nationally recognized leader of successful recovery programs who has over 30 years of continuous sobriety of his own. The result is a balanced, intensive, initial rehabilitation program supplemented with ongoing, long-term support.

Long Term Services

Our follow-up, long-term services extend for up to five years after completion of the initial rehab treatment program. By providing long-term support, patients receive the necessary support to maintain a continued and successful recovery.

In some situations, patients may not require close monitoring, allowing them to take advantage of treatment through out-patient services. For these individuals, DetoxRehab’s rehab program offers counseling sessions in both the early morning and late evening. These sessions enable client privacy and provide adults with opportunity to continue with their normal activities while in recovery.

The therapeutic program at DetoxRehab creates an environment designed to promote individual change and encourage positive lifestyle choices. We provide adults with personal support while developing their own accountability and responsibility for their recovery. Our patients confront their personal behaviors directly in order to create a healthy, new lifestyle, and learn to make positive choices so they can develop the strength and skills to live addiction free.

Free Consultation for Adult Rehab in San Diego

DetoxRehab offers optimum support and safety through a program that has proven effective for individuals from all walks of life. Your first step towards living an addiction-free life is to contact DetoxRehab.

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