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Our Facility

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DetoxRehab is focused on identifying treatment programs for those with substance abuse issues who come from all walks of life. All people who are experiencing substance abuse and addiction have their own unique requirements to consider when evaluating a treatment program that addresses all aspects of their personal situation. Some individual may wish to minimally disrupt their lives yet still receive effective treatment for their addictions. Until now, it was very difficult to identify programs that meet all of your personal requirements. DetoxRehab has developed a process of assessing the callers’ needs and finding the best fit facility for them.

DetoxRehab has access to outpatient substance abuse treatment programs specifically designed for those who need a flexible addiction treatment program, yet still challenge their issues in a head-on, no-nonsense manner. The  program creates a recovery environment unique in the industry in that it allows participants to recover while they continue to participate in their normal activities. This ability for participants to recover and continue their lives is found nowhere else.

DetoxRehab works with all individuals seeking treatment for their addictions regardless of their background or occupation. DetoxRehab integrates a flexible approach for aftercare support with a combination of technology and in-person sessions to keep busy people engaged in their recoveries that often require extended periods of time.

Flexible Treatment Programs in San Diego

The best rehabilitation programs include convenient counseling sessions, both early morning and late evening, as well as continued monitoring and follow-up services for up to five years after completing treatment. This provides recovering individuals with the ongoing support necessary for the best possible chance for full recovery. It includes addiction counseling, either in a group setting or on a one-to-one basis, day or night. Unlike more restrictive traditional drug treatment programs, these counseling sessions are available on a round-the-clock basis and only minimally interferes with work, school, or other commitments.

Eliminating All Barriers to Treatment

We are here to Help

DetoxRehab recognizes the absence of specific treatment programs for people seeking addiction help, and who need a flexible program. We want to change that. At DetoxRehab, we provide you with out-patient treatment programs that work. Our programs are designed for individuals who are seeking help for an addiction where flexibility is necessary for maintaining a good standing in the workplace, their careers, and in their communities. Truly dealing with any addiction like substance abuse is almost impossible without qualified support.

Treatment Programs